Design & Engineering


At Riviera Wheels, we let the customer design their own alloy wheels. We use what we believe to be the most talented and innovative designers to create a stunning, inspirational and unique interior, exterior and alloy wheel conversions for a range of vehicles. At Riviera Wheels, we have a three-step structure in order to ensure our custom alloy wheels are produced with Luxury in mind.

Having your own set of personalised alloy wheels creates a bespoke and luxurious look and feel of your car.



The first thing we like to focus on when starting a new project is the customer. A member of our personable team will sit down with you and go through all the options. We like to get to know you and your personality. This means that your new alloy wheels will be a statement of you and your car.


This information collected between you and our team will then be relayed to our talented group of alloy wheel designers who can begin coming up with perfect concepts for you. These alloy wheel concepts will be exclusively unique to you and your vehicle.


At this stage, we like to show you our ideas. If you don’t like them, then we will start from scratch. If you do, Great! We will pursue and generate your favourite design. This means that all the alloy wheels that we build are bespoke and unique. We want our customers to love their new alloy wheels are much as they love their car.

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