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With our state of the art technology, competitive and unique features and outstanding support becoming a TUX Auto stockist has never been easier. Here are some of the top reasons you should become a stockist of our wheels or Armytrix exhaust system…

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I want to become a stockist


Our online stock checker and ordering system is a key feature that sets us apart from other competitors. It allows us to speed up the process for dealers giving you the freedom to check stock online without needing to contact us directly. This results in a more direct ‘dealer to customer’ process.


The prices that we offer are extremely competitive for the market that we’re in. This means that you’re able to rival businesses that are near you, but online too.


We know your customers can be eager to get their wheels straight away, so we pride ourselves on being able to ship your orders out for next day delivery if ordered before 3:30pm. We are one of the few suppliers that can provide this service. A huge benefit for both retailers and the end customer.


When you become a TUX Auto dealer, Once you have listed the TUX Auto wheels on your site you will be officially listed on our site and we’ll promote your business on our social media accounts, resulting in greater exposure and expanding your business to reach potential new customers.


The outstanding support team that we have at TUX Auto is always here to help should you have any queries or issues whilst working with us. Communication is key to ensure that if any issues should arise they are resolved promptly, to avoid any interference with your business. You can trust us to support you in any way we can.


Our product range is constantly evolving, our designs are unique in copycat industry…not many can say that! Listening and questioning is key – as enthusiasts ourselves, we keep up with the latest trends in terms of what customers are looking for, allowing us to stay at the top of the market and compete effectively with other suppliers. This also translates to you as a stockist, keeping up with what people want provides you with more opportunities to sell.


The specialist sales team at TUX Auto have a vast knowledge of the vehicle specs, wheel fitments, and tyres. They can provide you with precise, useful information tailored to your needs and answer any queries that you may have.


With our brand new cutting edge drilling machine (no pun intended), we’re now able to provide our stockists with a supply of blank wheels suitable for 99% of vehicles. This is a benefit that is fairly unique to us, as only a select suppliers can provide the same service to their stockists.

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