Best Alloy Wheels For Ford Transit Custom

Looking for the best alloy wheels for your Ford Transit? We understand that it can be difficult, you find the perfect alloy wheels but they don’t have the size, fitment or load rating for your Transit Van. This can leave many lost and frustrated. We only stock wheels that meet our high-quality standards and guarantee the performance they promise. When it comes to commercial vehicles we are meticulous in ensuring that they have adequate load capacity. Take a look at our load rated alloy wheels suitable for the Ford Transit.

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Riviera RV197

Available Sizes: 18 & 20″ | Load Rating: 950kg

Our RV197 is now available for the Ford Transit Custom with 5×160 now available in 18 & 20″ and the choice of Black Polished, Gloss Black, Matt Bronze and Gunmetal Polished along with a load rating of 950kg, our RV197 are the perfect choice for your Ford Transit. 


RV197 Ford Transit Custom 5x160 PCD Load Rated

Riviera RTS

Available Sizes: 20″ | Load Rating: 900kg

The RTS has been designed with the Ford Transit Custom in mind available in 20×8 and load rated to 900kg. 


Ford Transit Custom Riviera RTS

Riviera RTT

Available Sizes: 20″ | Load Rating: 1050kg

Our RTT has been design specifically for the Ford Transit Custom with the option of Black Polished Dark Tint or Gunmetal Polished. Using five axe-head spokes, the RTT creates a huge presence in even the largest of wheel arches instantly creating an aggressive and purposeful feel that will suit any load carrier.


Ford Transit Custom Riviera RTT