Best Alloys For Your Volkswagen Transporter T5

Looking for some new wheels to add to your Volkswagen T5? We understand that it can be difficult, you find these new perfect alloys and they don’t have the sizing or fitment options to fit your Transporter. This can leave many lost and frustrated, however, all is good – at TUXAuto we have a broad selection of wheels for your Transporter. We only stock wheels that meet our high-quality standards and guarantee the performance they promise. When it comes to commercial vehicles we are meticulous in ensuring that they have adequate load capacity.

Riviera Commercial Ultimate

The Riviera Commercial Ultimate alloy wheel is an excellent option for upgrading your vehicle’s wheels.  These alloys feature a very pleasant five double spoke design with a single heavyweight centre spoke separating each. The Riviera Commercial Ultimate wheels come in a choice of 2 design options, a “Black Machine” finish or “Hyper Silver”. These meticulously crafted alloys add some serious character to your vehicle. A Volkswagen T5 is completely transformed from a standard looking load lugging van to a premium vehicle that oozes the premium feel of the wheels. The load rated guarantee gives you that extra bit of reassurance when taking them off road or using them in a high-stress environment.

Riviera Commercial Blade

The Riviera Commercial Blade has a very up-to-date and outspoken feel on the face of it. Under closer review, the wheels five spoke outline gives way to a very elaborate double five-spoke design and while it gives off a relatively sporty design and feel it undisputedly keeps up with some of the bigger load luggers like the Volkswagen T5. The Riviera Commercial Blade takes what can be a workaround vehicle to a whole new level, adding style and guaranteed performance on some of the toughest terrain so you can take your vehicle to the highest extremes.

Riviera Commercial Dizzard

If you are looking for a new set of wheels that brings style and dependable performance to your large vehicle, then these are the wheels for you. The Riviera Commercial Dizzard’s design, although intricate and meticulously developed, can support larger vehicles like the Volkswagen T5 or Range Rover. In that respect it entrenches itself into the high performance heavier vehicle market. Styling on these wheels is next to none, with modern and unique styling these alloys are sure to add bags of character to your ride whilst remaining tough enough to perform under some of the most stressful situations.

Riviera Commercial Enigma

If a unique and stunning design are what you are looking for, then these wheels are going to be an excellent choice for you. The 10 spoke design of the wheel is notably unique for commercial use, however, don’t let the intricate designs fool you, these alloys pack some serious pedigree and performance.These alloys have proven for many buyers to be a very sturdy and reliable choice for their larger vehicles whilst adding excellent style with its pleasing to the eye look.