Riviera Wheels: The Missing Ingredient For A Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport has turned into one of the most successful vehicles Land Rover has ever produced. First introduced to the world in 2005, the arrival of the Sport model revolutionised the world’s view of what “luxury on wheels” is meant to be. I mean, what could go wrong when you combine luxury, comfort, practicality and reliability.

Being that there’s such a high demand for these big boys, personalising them to your own unique preference has become the norm for many owners looking to make a statement. So, what better to start with, than a stylish set of luxury alloys to complement the extravagant machinery above.

The possibilities are endless and the choice is ridiculous but there isn’t another brand that complements the Sport model better than Riviera. A range of truly prestigious wheels which correspond to the quality of the Range Rover Sport perfectly.

We’ve handpicked the top four alloys you cannot afford to overlook when choosing the perfect set for your Rover;


A gripping ten-spoke design that splits into an arresting Y-spoke arrangement. Available in five top quality finishes; including Black Machined, Matt Black, Matt Black Polished, Matt Gunmetal Polished and Polished Silver.

With a small mounting hub and spokes that stretch to the extremities of each wheel, the RV126 is an impressive visual footprint that will give your Rover a futuristic and clean look.


Last but not least, the Riviera RV120 is a bold ten-blade square-jawed multi spoke alloy to give you aesthetically gripping and pleasing. Available in three elegant finishes including Black Machined, Hyper Silver and Matt Black. Striking to the eye and wheel centres that significantly enhance the sense of size and purpose, this is a wheel to watch.


The RV117 is the perfect companion for your Sport Model, if you’re looking to employ an effortlessly streamlined look without being too aggressive. This seven “snake tongue” split spoke in a hard-edged style utilises plenty of metal whilst retaining enough class to look perfectly uncluttered under your Sport. And with the excellent choice of high-quality finishes – Matt Gunmetal, Gloss Black and Hyper Silver – to complement any colour vehicle, this alloy should always be a top contender for any serious automotive aficionado.


This alloy is for the bold go-getters who really want to make waves and dominate the roads. This intricate and striking ‘blossoming-flower’ design pattern created courtesy of five intricate twin spokes in an impressive diamond cut formation spreading across from the central hub to the wheel’s edge.

Available in three different prominent finishes; Black Machined, Hyper Silver and Matt Black, get ready to turn some heads with these.