Top Blank Canvas Commercial Vehicles For Styling

Modifying your commercial vehicle can often seem like a hard task – they’re large shells are built purely for commercial purposes. The blank shell of your large van often seems like an impossible task to improve. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, commercial vehicles offer great room for styling modifications. Here are 3 of the best blank canvas commercial vehicles that are perfect for adding sleek styling modifications.

Volkswagen T5 Transporter

The Volkswagen T5 is one of our personal favourites, its workhorse ability entitles it as one of the best vehicles out there for pretty much any task. However, what many might not know is that it has the perfect canvas for some seriously stylish modifications. One of the first modifications you can make that just like any other vehicle is for the wheels. There are many different brands out there and you can be truly unique in how you want your wheels to look.

Our Riviera range gives you great options to choose from whether you want sleek and simple styles or you want to be more adventurous there’s a brilliant selection to choose from. Sticking to the outside of the T5 another excellent modification that can be used is a wrap. For anyone who is unaware of this a wrap allows you to completely change the exterior look of the vehicle, they are relatively inexpensive and provide you with an excellent option if you wanted to completely change the exterior look of your T5. For example, if you wanted to keep your T5 sleek and modern you could add a matt black wrap just to give your T5 a bit more personality whilst giving it heaps of style.

Mercedes Vito

The Mercedes Vito offers up a great canvas for improvements, its sleek and stylish body is nothing short of the class we expect from Mercedes. For anyone that owns such a vehicle modifications might not have ever even popped up as an idea. However, you are truly missing out on a perfect opportunity to fully kit out your Vitro. One of the first easy and relatively cheap modifications you can make is to the side of the Vito. A simple polished aluminium side plate serves 2 brilliant benefits. One of them is making the body area of the van more accessible and easy to get into. The second brilliant benefit is that it gives your motor some brilliant styling by adding a brilliant accent down the full side of the van to adding heaps of character to your vans style. Keeping it sleek and simple with your style another great modification you can implement is some new alloy wheels. Wheels such as the RIVIERA RV180 give your vehicle a modern, sleek and stylish finish whilst adding outstanding performance benefits.

Ford Transit

It’s just about the most well-known commercial vehicle out there. Widely used for its workload capacity and performance, its long held infamy has made it the go to commercial vehicle for people far and wide. However, most may not have thought up ways to modify it. One modification that separates the transit from its competition is its ability to have interior styling modifications. One easy to find and relatively cheap modification you can make is a dashboard kit. You can find these in a range of finishes for example a stock black or wood finish. They really liven up the often bleak and blank dashboard of the Transit and gives you a relatively cheap and easy way to brighten up the interior of your van. One of the best modifications to add to your exterior is a premium set of alloy wheels. An amazing range for commercial alloys is the Riviera selection, they give your van a premium look and feel whilst keeping your styling fairly uncomplicated and unquestionably sleek, modern and stylish.