Volkswagen Transporter T5 vs T6

The summer of 2015 saw the introduction of the sixth generation Transporter lineup of commercial vehicles. Many customers were left wondering if the new model was really worth the money as it has to be said that visually they are very alike. So here we are going to be looking at the changes and similarities between the two models and from that you can make your own mind as to whether the new model is worth the extra money.


On the surface of things, the configurations of the 2 models seem to be relatively similar. The engine configurations, weights and payload all remain the same. However, the difference quickly becomes evident when you take into account the option for a new Euro 6 engine to be configured on the T6. Another early difference that should be noted is the current lack of a sportline trim configuration option for the T6. This was an option that on the T5 allows a range of features to be added to the vehicle and, for a bit of extra cash, made the standard base model a much more adaptable and modern option. Best estimates say this feature could be out in a few years for the T6, so let’s just hold our breath for that one!


Many of the changes within the two Transporter models were inside the vehicles themselves. The introduction of DAB radio and a five inch touchscreen as well and bluetooth and USB connectivity are some of the features that bring the T6 to life within the cabin. There are also some smaller, not as noticeable, changes. The new steering wheel is now leather finished on the base model as default. You can also benefit from heated windscreens, automatic driving light control and predefined noise suppression.

Road performance

The majority of the changes that have been made to the drive of the T6 can be defined as modest in the least. However, the effects that they have are far from that.

Thanks to the work that the amazing engineers at Volkswagen have put into suppressing road and engine noise the ride has become far more enjoyable. You’ll actually be able to hear your music over the noise of the road!

Many are also incredibly excited with the transmission changes, most agreeing that it is smoother and much more enjoyable. Such improvements make a big change, especially when the vehicle is carrying a heavier load as its more stable and the drive is quieter.

Safety systems

The previous T5 model featured a large and comprehensive amount of safety features when it was updated in 2009. The introduction of the ARP (anti rollover system), rain brake support, ready alert brake, trailer stabilization systems and hill start assistant were all welcomed with open arms by Transporter lovers.

However, the T6 not only features all of those older systems, it also builds upon them. The introduction of an automatic post collision braking system was well received because of its function of lowering the risk of secondary impacts after an initial crashes. The T6 has also seen the addition of adaptive cruise control and city emergency brake. These awesome features allow the vehicle to detect what’s around it and, if its system predicts a collision, it will apply the brakes. Anyone interested in an easier ride? We certainly are!


On the whole, without getting in and driving the Transporter, you wouldn’t notice much of a difference at all. The real magic takes place in its drive, interior and the new systems that it uses to enhance the drivers ride quality, comfort and usability within the vehicle.