Volkswagen Amarok 2016

The Volkswagen Amarok has long been designated as an efficient and punchy vehicle for its class. Its 2.0 litre diesel engine outperformed expectations in every aspect; not only was it efficient but it also provided an unexpected amount of power that impressed almost all of its users. However, for some this wasn’t enough, they couldn’t settle for a 2.0L engine they wanted more,they wanted it bigger!. So VW being VW, they obliged. They launched  a new 221bhp 3.0-litre TDI engine to the Amarok lineup and eventually went as far as scrapping the 2.0L engine altogether!


This strategic move baffled some citing environmental issues and the tradeoff in fuel consumption/efficiency. However for the target audience this is of little concern, what they care about much more is the performance and power of the Amarok. Further reinforcing this decision is the lead they now have over their close competition. Regarding horsepower, the new upgraded engine trumps the 3.2-litre turbodiesel engine found in the previous class leader, the Ford Ranger.

Off Road Ability

The Volkswagen Amarok’s off-road ability is widely regarded as brilliant, the option of selectable or full-time four-wheel drive means you can literally take the Amarok anywhere anytime. Combined this with its new more powerful engine the Amarok has definitely perched itself amongst the best off roaders around. The Amarok has truly evolved into a SUV powerhouse.

Styling & Interior

The Amarok comes in a range of styling options starting with the base model and going all the way up to the highline specs. New and improved technology comes as standard. cruise control, a multifunction trip computer, a six-speaker stereo and two-zone automatic air-conditioning are all featured within the cab. Away from the engine, the Amarok sticks with its five seat double cab setup, and although everything points towards this design  having a negative  effect when compared to bigger seven seater SUV’s it remains not only a champion in the New Car Awards for the best pickup but potentially could see it  remain a contender for the award every year it runs.


For people who worry about safety, you are going to be impressed with the features the Amarok has. Firstly, it features a broad spectrum of road controls allowing you to pick the best driving controls for the terrain you are driving on. The Amarok features both hill start and descent mechanisms, these features mean it’s well equipped when it comes to tackling some of the harder driving tasks . Another welcomed feature is Volkswagens ‘Post-Collision System’; this system has been welcomed by many as it significantly improves the post-crash security of anyone in the vehicles close to the crash, it effectively stops the Amarok from progressing through the accident area into other oncoming vehicles by applying rigorous breaking when it detects a crash has occurred .
In conclusion, the Amarok’s upgraded technical specs take it above and beyond the competition. Offering a better, more comfortable and superior driving experience that far surpasses anything Volkswagen have done in the past with SUV-style vehicles.