18 May 2023

Ford Transit Custom MSRT Riviera RTR

We fit a set of our BRAND NEW 20″ Riviera RTR wheels to this Ford Transit Custom MSRT. Our RTR is available in 18 & 20″ with both sizes load rated to 1250kg making them perfect for the Ford Transit Custom.

RV Series

Riviera RTR


WHEELS – 20×8, ET50 – 5×160

TYRES – 255/35/20

VEHICLE – Ford Transit Custom MK8

View Design
Riviera RTR Satin Black Angle


More options for Transit

Riviera RXS5 Bronze Face
Riviera RXS5 Bronze Angle
Riviera RXS5 Matt Black Face
Riviera RXS5 Matt Black Angle
Riviera RXS5 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RXS5 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RXS5

18 & 20"
Riviera RXS4 Satin Black Face
Riviera RXS4 Satin Black Angle

Riviera RXS4

18 & 20"
Riviera RTZ Black Polished Face
Riviera RTZ Black Polished Angle
Riviera RTZ Satin Black Face
Riviera RTZ Satin Black Angle
Riviera RTZ Gloss Black Face
Riviera RTZ Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RTZ

18 & 20"

Riviera RTV

18 & 20"
Riviera RTX Satin Black Face
Riviera RTX Satin Black Angle
Riviera RTX Gloss Black Face
Riviera RTX Gloss Black Angle
Riviera RTX Gloss Gunmetal Face
Riviera RTX Gloss Gunmetal Angle

Riviera RTX

18 & 20"
Riviera RTR Satin Black Face
Riviera RTR Satin Black Angle
Riviera RTR Gloss Black Face
Riviera RTR Gloss Black Angle
Riviera RTR Gloss Gunmetal Face
Riviera RTR Gloss Gunmetal Angle

Riviera RTR

18 & 20"
Riviera RV197 Black Polished Face
Riviera RV197 Black Polished Angle
Riviera RV197 Matt Bronze Face
Riviera RV197 Matt Bronze Angle
Riviera RV197 Silver Polished Face
Riviera RV197 Silver Polished Angle
Riviera RV197 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RV197 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RV197

18, 20 & 22"