15 June 2023

Land Rover Defender 110 Riviera RV131

The Land Rover Defender 100, already renowned for its rugged off-road capabilities and timeless design, reaches new heights of excellence with the installation of Riviera RV131 wheels in a striking gloss black finish.

The Riviera RV131 wheels, boasting a commanding 22×10.5-inch size on all four corners, perfectly complement the Defender’s robust silhouette. This larger diameter not only adds a touch of modernity to the iconic design but also enhances the vehicle’s off-road prowess and on-road stability. The wider width of the wheels ensures a larger contact patch, delivering improved grip on various terrains, empowering the Defender 100 to conquer any challenge that comes its way.

To further enhance the Defender 100’s allure, it has been adorned with a Carbon Fibre styling kit meticulously designed by Riviera Bespoke. This bespoke Carbon Fibre kit elevates the vehicle’s exterior, adding a modern and sporty touch while retaining its timeless appeal.

This exceptional collaboration between luxury and performance brings out the best in both the Defender’s capabilities and its appearance, making it a coveted choice for discerning off-road enthusiasts and style-conscious drivers alike.

RV Series

Riviera RV131


WHEELS – 22×9.5, ET35 – 5×120

TYRES – 285/45/22

VEHICLE – Land Rover Defender 110

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Riviera RV131 Gloss Black Angle

More options for Defender

Riviera FG4 Gloss Black Face
Riviera FG4 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera FG4

21, 22, 23 & 24"
Riviera FG3 Gloss Black Face
Riviera FG3 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera FG3

21, 22, 23 & 24"
Riviera FG2 Gloss Black Face
Riviera FG2 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera FG2

19, 20, 21, 22, 23 & 24"
Riviera FG1 Black Polished Face
Riviera FG1 Black Polished Angle

Riviera FG1

21, 22, 23 & 24"
Riviera RV120 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RV120 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RV120

20 & 22"
Riviera RV130 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RV130 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RV130

20 & 22"
Riviera RV131 Black Polished Face
Riviera RV131 Black Polished Angle
Riviera RV131 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RV131 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RV131

22 & 23"
Riviera RV133 Black Polished Face
Riviera RV133 Black Polished Angle
Riviera RV133 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RV133 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RV133

22 & 23"
Riviera RV197 Black Polished Face
Riviera RV197 Black Polished Angle
Riviera RV197 Matt Bronze Face
Riviera RV197 Matt Bronze Angle
Riviera RV197 Silver Polished Face
Riviera RV197 Silver Polished Angle
Riviera RV197 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RV197 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RV197

18, 20 & 22"
Riviera RV198 Black Polished Face
Riviera RV198 Black Polished Angle
Riviera RV198 Matt Bronze Face
Riviera RV198 Matt Bronze Angle
Riviera RV198 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RV198 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RV198

22 & 23"
Riviera RF108 Bronze Double Dark Tint Face
Riviera RF108 Bronze Double Dark Tint Angle
Riviera RF108 Black Polished Dark Tint Face
Riviera RF108 Black Polished Dark Tint Angle
Riviera RF108 Carbon Grigio Face
Riviera RF108 Carbon Grigio Angle
Riviera RF108 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RF108 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RF108

19, 20, 21, 22, 23"
Riviera RF104_CarbonGrigio_Face
Riviera RF104_CarbonGrigio_Angle

Riviera RF104

20 & 22"
Riviera RF101 Black Polished Face
Riviera RF101 Black Polished Angle
Riviera RF101 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RF101 Gloss Black Angle

Riviera RF101

19, 20, 21"
Riviera RF5 Bronze Double Dark Tint Face
Riviera RF5 Bronze Double Dark Tint Angle
Riviera RF5 Black Polished Dark Tint Face
Riviera RF5 Black Polished Dark Tint Angle
Riviera RF5 Gloss Black Face
Riviera RF5 Gloss Black Angle
Riviera RF5 Carbon Grigio Face
Riviera RF5 Carbon Grigio Angle

Riviera RF5

19, 20, 21 & 22"